Monday, November 3, 2008

New product - therapy bags

The pile of leftover cotton pieces from my robes was starting to get excessive so it was time for rice therapy bags!

This one's my favorite - lovely asian print cut up into strips and paired with a gold and cream cotton. Two black buttons finish it off to perfection. The outer decorative layer serves as a pillowcase for the inner (and rather plain) rice bag which makes for a clean little therapy bag. I scented the bag with some lavender oil and mixed in some camomile, cinnamon, and rosemary leaves for the additional aromatherapy boost. I really like how it turned out and have two more in production.

Isn't this a cutie? I had a cup or so of buckwheat left over and wanted to make a little bag for it. With all the holiday talk I was feeling mildly festive so I made it up with green on one side and gold and cream on the other, with white and red topstitching. So cute! And surprisingly handy for it's small size. I need to pick up more buckwheat so I can make one for myself.

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