Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Therapy bag cases and new items

So I'm horrible at posting. Sorry! I'll try to be better ... is once a week a good start?

Well, to make up for it, a peek into my workshop.

I just listed a small bunch of cases to cover up the medium sized rice therapy bags. And can I take a moment to say that I love how the therapy bags smell? I know I can't send sniffs over the internet but just close your eyes and imagine a bright desert sunrise lighting up the painted ridges and you have the aptly named Desert Sunrise lemon and eucalyptus bags. Or a cool, still lavender garden with the moon just starting to rise and that's the Evening Lavender bags. And they're even better after a zap in the microwave to get them all warm and soothing ... ahh.

I've listed the covers and the bags seperately so you can mix and match your favorites. Want to always have a clean cover on hand? Got it, just buy an extra. Or already have a nice cover and lavender bag and want to add the energizing Desert Sunrise bag? No problem. Anyway, that's the theory behind breaking up the previously one bags and covers. We'll see how the buyers like it.

In other news, I got a load of lightweight cotton lawn fabric in that's just gorgeous. Hanky weight and they're all these crazy 70s style prints. So what to do with them? Get ready for summer with some new designs, of course! So far I've finished the prototype for a cute little chemise. What do you think?

I've started on a version to sell - this one is going in my closet! The final version is longer and has a few other slight differences but the basic look is the same since I fell in love with it. And isn't that fabric crazy? When it first arrived I thought it was hideous but, you know, it's really grown on me and now I love it a bit, especially in chemise form.

To go with the robe I just started to play with a sleeveless summer robe pattern. This is it after about an hour of experimenting, before I've had a chance to add the lace to the armcyc, sew up the sides, top stitch, iron ... ok, it's really in the beginning stages and just starting to hint at what it'll be. Still, so far I like it a lot.

I especially like the new wrap feature and might experiment with it on my other robes. We'll see!

Until next week, hope your days are cozy ones!

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Lea said...

I love that fabric, it looks just like spring